Prince2 ?: Basic Questions
Ngày: Tuesday, 15, June
Chủ đề: Information on Prince2

What does PRINCE2 ? stand for?
It stands for Projects in Controlled Environments (the 2 reflecting the that this is the second version of it).

Who developed it?
It was devloped by the CCTA, which is part of the Office of Government Commerce, which in turn is part of the UK Government.

Is it just intended for IT projects?
No. The original version of PRINCE was intended for IT, but the scope expanded, and the PRINCE2 ? is intended for all types ofproject.

What are the benefits of using PRINCE2 ??
At the highest level use of PRINCE2 is intended to enable project and business risk to be managed more effectively, and resources to be more readily controlled.

Is this a new method?
Not really. The original PRINCE was first published in 1989. This itself was based upon an older methodology from the 1970s.

What about the exams?
There two exams to support PRINCE2: the Foundation exam and the Practitioner exam. The first illustrates a basic understanding, that you have the knowledge to apply this.

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