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Prince2 ? and Project Management Forum FAQ (Cu Thường Hỏi)

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Cu hỏi
·  What is SSADM?
·  What is DSDM?
·  What is RAD?
·  What is RUP?

Trả lời
·  What is SSADM?

This is the Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology. It is a systems approach to the analysis and design of information systems, and was alos created by the CCTA.

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·  What is DSDM?

DSDM, Dynamic Systems Development Method, is a 'Rapid Application Development' methodology pertaining mainly with the development of computerised Information Systems

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·  What is RAD?

RAD, or Rapid Application Development, is a software programming technique that allows quick development of software applications.

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·  What is RUP?

RUP, the Rational Unified Process, is a software design method created by the Rational Software Corporation. It describes how to deploy software effectively using commercially proven techniques.

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